Designing sustainable communities – where do we start?

Embarking on a sustainable way of living requires an infrastructure that enables us to do so. Deciding how this may look and function is a multi-disciplinary task, one that requires much creativity and innovation, and that ecologists and environmental professionals should be heavily involved in. So where do we start learning about it, and how do we disentangle realistic solutions from utopic ideals?

This video, produced by Ellen Macarthur Foundation and The University of Bradford, has Paul Clarke, Professor of Education at St Mary’s University College, giving a nice introduction to how design of a place can be used to move to a more sustainable way of living. Discussing urbanism, community farms, education, and other creative solutions as real examples of sustainable development in practise..

Change in society is one of those issues everyone seems to have an opinion about, so perhaps this is mine. A forum for discussion that is inclusive, connected, and acts as a platform for real opinions and case-studies, is the most essential development when working towards sustainable living and education.

Paul Clarke uses his plotting shed, what do we have?

I’ll leave you here with just a few start-ups that are tackling some of these issues, notably how to balance maintaining locality and community structure, whilst still utilising the power of the internet and technology for connectivity and resource sharing.

‘Imagination for people’ is a site that brings together people to drive the sharing of social projects,  knowledge, and know-how. A strange and wonderful site on which you can find innovations from yarn-bombing to developing child health clinics in deprived regions…

‘Change the future’ are a group looking at how to make changes in schools; bringing together ideas sharing and creating a platform for a more informed decision making process (that actually involves the students)!

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 10.44.26


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