Life of A Seed – by Kasia Latham-Warde

A story of seed to seed generation from a unique perspective. Initially written by Kasia as a teaching resource in Bruntsfield Primary School, Edinburgh,  but could be applied almost anywhere!

Chapter 1 – A new life and germination

Today is a special day. Today we are going to witness the birth and life of a single seed. This story has no beginning and no end so it makes no difference where this story starts. It is a never ending cycle. So, this story is going to start somewhere in the middle.

Once upon a time, on a dusky autumn eve, there was a beautiful and graceful plant swaying in the breeze. This plant was preparing to let go of something she had given birth to and cared for. She was preparing to let go of her seed. She trusted that this seed would be able to survive without her and find the earth, water and light that it needed to grow.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a gust of wind whistled past her and blew one of her seeds into the air. This was the start of a new life – Schizzy had started her adventure. Schizzy sailed on the wind for some moments and then gravity pulled her to the ground. She landed on earth – what a relief! She had heard about this thing called ‘concrete’ and knew that she was lucky to have escaped it.

Schizzy the seed settled into her new earthy home. She realised how vulnerable she was to the elements around her. She had no way to move. The days got colder and longer, as winter stretched its cloak across the earth. Schizzy settled in for a long sleep. Time passed and snow fell. But gradually the world began to get lighter and the frosts began to lessen. Schizzy realised that spring was starting! Oh what a happy day!  As she woke up from her long sleep she gazed around her and realised that she had fallen into a raised bed! But this raised bed was no ordinary raised bed. It belonged to a primary school; Bruntsfield Primary School! (can be edited accordingly at other locations)

She could hear lots of noise all around her! Schizzy was buried in the earth so she could not see what was making the noise. The skies above her opened and rain fell all around her. The soil became moist and it was still warm from the sun earlier that morning. After weeks of waiting, Schizzy realised that this was the perfect moment for her to germinate! The water dissolved her outer layer which she had been using for protection and she began to absorb the water. She became larger as she absorbed more water! Then a most extraordinary thing happened – Schizzy’s first root began to grow! She reached downwards into the soil with her new root so she could find more water and nutrients that she needed to grow.

Chapter 2 – Interacting with the world around you

Schizzy was so happy to finally be reaching out into the world around her. Maybe soon she would be able to see what was making all the noise and excited sounds!

She then began to produce a shoot which pushed upwards – she was growing towards the sunlight! She used the energy that she had stored inside her all through the winter to help her to push upwards. Schizzy pushed up and up towards the light… she could sense that she was getting near! After days of pushing she suddenly burst forth into the open air and beamed a radiant smile as she gazed upon the sun that she had been drawn towards for the past few days. She had made it.

As she stared dreamily into the skies above her, a bell rang overhead. Moments later she was surrounded by children! She realised that these were the creations of all the noise and excitement she had heard when she was beneath the ground! She hoped they wouldn’t jump on the raised bed, as she might be harmed. She trusted that these children understood that seeds needed to be cared for. If they jumped on the earth then it would become compact so there wouldn’t be any air for her to breathe.

Schizzy leaned towards the sunlight. It was a beautiful day. The children were dancing around her and giggling in the sun. She began to unfurl her first leaves! She was encouraged by the happy atmosphere around her. She trusted. These leaves were going to absorb the energy from the sun so that she could grow even quicker!

As Schizzy began to grow taller day by day she noticed that there were other plant friends around her trying to grow towards the light. She had company! She recognised some that were from her family and smiled at them. Others were not so friendly, but she smiled all the same. Schizzy realised that everyone was competing with each other for the energy of the sun. She began to feel excited – she believed that one day she would be big, tall and beautiful. Her favourite time of day was lunchtime, when the children would rush outside to admire her. They watered her when she needed it and gave her the love she needed to grow.

But one day Schizzy began to feel weak. The rain had not fallen for almost 2 weeks. Although she was stronger now (as she had grown to have 8 leaves!), she realised that she needed help! She felt weaker with every day – she desperately needed water or she feared that she might die. The children no longer gave her the attention she needed – they seemed to have forgotten about her. She grew sad and weak. Her stalk drooped to the side. This was a bad sign for Schizzy……..

Suddenly she felt the soft pattering of water droplets in the soil around her… she looked up to the sky to see a child with a watering can! She smiled and stretched… soaking up the water with her roots. She began to regain her strength and thanked the child for their kindness.

Chapter 3 – Beauty of the flower and setting seed

Many weeks had passed now and Schizzy had grown tall and strong. She felt a bubbling inside her, as if the top of her stalk was expanding… she felt excited! She understood that this was an important part of her life cycle – she was producing a bud. The bud was protected and safe at the moment. Schizzy waited until the right moment to open her bud. She had to choose wisely as she knew that she had to link her opening with the time when the butterflies and bees were flying.

She waited… and waited.

She was patient.

Until one day she felt the familiar bubbling inside her… and she burst into bright and colourful flower! She was beautiful! Light pink, dark pink, yellow, white! It felt like magic to her! Where had all that beauty come from? It had been inside her all the time!

Schizzy felt proud and elegant as the children admired her. They touched her only gently as they did not want to damage her flower.

That afternoon, the first butterfly landed on her flower! So quick! It must have been attracted by her colours. It brushed against the pollen in her flower and sucked on the nectar treat that was hidden deep inside her. As she watched the butterfly fly away with her pollen, she trusted that the butterfly would visit another flower just like her to fertilise its egg. Weeks passed and she produced many different flowers and was visited by many butterflies and bees throughout the summer – all attracted by her dazzling colours and nectar treats. Schizzy was happy. She was feeding these insects and in return they were pollinating her flower! It was a perfect relationship.

Gradually the butterflies and the bees stopped visiting, and her flowers began to wither and die. Schizzy felt another bubbling growth inside her and she realised that she was giving birth to her own seeds! She felt so proud. She had dedicated so much time and energy towards this moment. She cared for these seeds in the same way that the children at the school had looked after her. She treasured each and every single one of her seeds.

Schizzy felt the wind blow her to and fro, and the air began to grow colder around her. Autumn was coming. She had a familiar sense that she had been here before… and she was reminded of the continual cycle of life. Her mother had released Schizzy into the world in the same way that Schizzy now had to let go of her seeds. She remembered the magic of her release and was comforted to know that her seeds were going to feel the same. She drew a deep breath and watched as the wind blew her seeds into the air and into the world to begin their own adventures.



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