P1: The Dungaree Diaries (WWOOFing Europe)


Part 1: The Dungaree Diaries (WWOOFing Europe)

WWOOFing or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a system whereby volunteers help out with day to day activities on farms in exchange for food and accommodation.  For a cash strapped recent graduate like my self with no real job prospects, a burning desire to travel and mild to average feelings of nausea at the thought of moving back home it seems like the ideal solution. All the locations which accept WWOOFers use organic practices, and are working towards sustainable living. The aim is to teach volunteers about organic growing and low impact living…… Hello I’m a hippy. I will be documenting my adventures through EcoPost, in the hope of providing people with more insight into organic farming along with what it’s really like to be a long term WWOOFer.

So first things first, I’ve bought some dungarees. They are THE  coolest thing I have ever purchased. I bought them alongside my graduation dress, a sleek, black dress with an elegant neck line. It’s safe to say my bipolar shopping choices got me some strange looks at the cashier’s desk. I panicked and tried to salvage my street cred by saying ‘I won’t wear them together!!!’. I was the only person to laugh. Good job I’m leaving the country soon.

Whilst sporting my dungarees I stopped off at my parent’s house to inform them of my WWOOFing plans. My Dad said I looked like a ‘fugitive from the 30s’ and my mum said they were ‘fantastic’, I’m not sure which of these statements I dislike the most. Having obtained a car which should just about get us around Europe we have yet to christen it with a name, it’s a silver VW polo so we are thinking Eugene, or maybe Sheldon.  I will inform you of our final choice.

We set off in 1 week, and the first farm is in Oxenholme, North Yorkshire, which means there is a good chance they provide Yorkshire tea. I find it odd that this is never on the ‘facilities available’ list. The farm sent us an email of confirmation stating we will be staying in a straw bale house; I feel this accommodation will go hand in hand with one of my recent clothing purchases…. Let’s hope they have a rocking chair.

Information of Straw bale houses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw-bale_construction

WWOOF UK site http://www.wwoof.org.uk/

See P2 Dungaree Diaries here: https://ecopostblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/p2-the-dungaree-diaries-wwoofing-europe/


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