EcoPost is a blog set up by a group of students based around the University of Edinburgh. Our goal is to provide a platform for students, lecturers and professionals alike to share ideas and encourage conversation regarding anything to do with the environment.

The idea for this blog developed as a result of a shared experience which we found to be common to many students – the fact that a lot of us produce interesting, valuable work with valid ideas that are never seen again by anyone other than our lecturers after being handed in. The point isn’t to be necessarily correct about everything, but to start a conversation and ask questions.

Lecturers and professionals, believe it or not- we want to hear about your personal experiences! There can be such a huge divide between students and their lecturers, but it is the personal stories which have been told during seminars and lectures that can be the most inspirational. So take this opportunity – send in a short story, article, whatever you want – and inspire us!

As for us EcoPosters – we all have different interests, but what brings us together is our shared love of all things related to the environment and ecology. We started this blog wanting to express our enthusiasms; from bugs to badgers, nitrogen fixation to ocean currents, to tropical forests and everything in between, and to have a place to share things that we find interesting, inspiring and worthy of your attention. We hope you enjoy reading our posts! Drop us a message if you want to join in on all the fun or have a suggestion of your own of something we should write about!

“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
– Aldo Leopold

Kathryn Elliott, @ElliottKathryn1

IDCORE – University of Edinburgh, Exeter and Strathclyde

315994_10150329538195994_1127311456_nA variety of work experiences, expeditions and jobs within this sector has allowed me to explore various branches of environmental subjects. After studying for a Masters in Renewable Energy Technologies and interning with SgurrEnergy Ltd I gained a place as a Research Engineer at the Industrial Doctoral training Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) and I love it! In addition to working I like to climb, surf and hike (albeit not at the same time).  You can therefore expect my posts to be based on sustainable futures and energy continuity issues with the odd travel or personal experience article. Enjoy!

Posts written by Kathryn

Kristina Simonaitytė, @kristinasimona

Wageningen University, past University of Edinburgh and UC Davis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFunny thing is I never really thought of studying ecology. When I realised what was happening, it was already too late and I was having too much fun. Another thing I never wanted to be is an educator. But in the last couple of years I have stopped ignoring the fact that I do have a knack for that and have been volunteering at science festivals and working with kids in outdoor classrooms. Environmental communication is another area I’m very interested in: I wrote about science and environment for Edinburgh University’s newspaper ‘The Student’ and following graduation I worked for a year in Lithuania’s leading environment news on-line publication, Grynas.lt. While ecology as a science interests me immensely, especially ecosystem ecology as well as hands-on restoration ecology, I find sharing its peculiarities and principles just as worthwhile. Everyday I’m amazed how weird, fascinating, and incredibly ingenious natural world is – and I really hope that reading our blog will make you also feel the same way!

Posts written by Kristina

Sara Thornton @Thornton_SA

University of Leicester, past University of Edinburgh 65449_10151054562856389_1353929825_n

Personal webpage: thorntonconservation.com

My passion is in tropical conservation and ecology, I love rainforests and the species found there! After my BSc in Ecological Science at the University of Edinburgh I moved on to the University of Leicester to work on my PhD. I am now in my third year and my interdisciplinary project is looking at benefits and values associated with fish and fishing around the Sabangau Forest in Indonesian Borneo. I’m interested in the links between communities and the natural environment, poverty alleviation and conservation, the debates surrounding ecosystem services and valuations, as well peat-swamp forest ecology and management.

Posts written by Sara

Louise Beveridge

University of Edinburgh

198698_10152183351245072_1469471474_nI am currently working as a naturalist, learning and teaching about the ecology of the tropical-forest and living sustainable within it. I am interested in the communication and outreach of ecology, especially the interface between arts, science and nature. So, expect posts on any of the above…

Posts written by Louise

Tabi Ewing

University of Edinburgh

GermanyHello, I’m another 4th year ecological science student (surprise surprise!).  I seem to be interested in most things and am continually discovering new areas which attract me. My interests range from algae to sustainability and I have found that studying ecology has opened my eyes to local and global environmental issues. Through my own experience, I strongly believe that engagement with the natural environment is crucial to keeping our place beside it.  Some of my recent work has involved marine research and this is emerging as one of my main enthusiasms!

I’m interested and intrigued by anything outside, and so my posts will be of this nature!

Posts written by Tabi

Jessica Thornton, @JThornton1991

University of Edinburgh


Having graduated with a Bachelors in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies from the University of Aberdeen, I am now moving on to complete my Masters in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh. As you may guess I am particularly interested in the social dimensions of environmental conservation, and I am passionate about indigenous rights issues. Through my experiences with indigenous organizations in Bolivia and Alaska during my years at university I have come to realize that an inter-disciplinary approach to conservation issues is really the way forward, and I love learning about how different cultures relate to and understand the environment. I love Anthropology because it constantly surprises me, makes me re-analyze my own assumptions and opens my eyes to different perspectives. I hope my posts will do the same for you!

Posts written by Jessica


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